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Vivaldi is a 24-storey building in the Zuidas business district of Amsterdam. The building is divided into two, twelve meter-wide towers. The blocks are staggered in plan to allow as much natural light as possible and to make the most of the northerly city views. The northern façade is fully glazed, while partial thirty percent glazing to the east, west and south limits solar gain.

The cold-warm façade has been tested by TNO to make sure that the façade offers enough protection for a steal main supporting structure.are frequently part of the harness help-construction of tensioning wires for an as wide open façade as possible. This façade is developed and produced by Rollecate.


  • Cross-shaped steel support structure, coated with special formulated
  • 90 minutes fire resistant steel-aluminum combination
  • The crossroads of the padding are prefabricated with special dewatering

Parties involved

ClientING Real Estate, Den Haag
Architect Foster and Partners, London
ContractorStrukton Bouw & Onderhoud B.V.
Type Utiliteitsbouw aluminium

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jun 11, 2019
Rollecate B.V., opgericht 9 juni 1954 bestaat nu 65 jaar! Met veel plezier en vol enthousiasme gaan wij uiteraard…