Eland-Brandt - Aluminum

Eland-Brandt began in 1878 as an iron foundry and was one of the first Dutch companies at the time to develop sliding systems for windows and doors.

This rich history, combining knowledge and expertise with a continual drive for innovation, has enabled Eland-Brandt to retain its position as the leading developer of sliding systems more than one hundred years later. In 2003, Eland-Brandt joined the Rollecate Group and is now marketed as our brand name for aluminium sliding windows and doors.

These days, the Eland-Brandt sliding systems are made from high-grade aluminium, which allows for the development of safe, sturdy profiles that still look elegant. The slender silhouette creates a larger surface area for the glass, resulting in optimal usage of natural sunlight.

The Eland-Brandt sliding systems are safe, user-friendly, and easy to slide open and shut due to the light-weight aluminium. Moreover, the glass is assembled in the factory, so the systems can be assembled without scaffolding and are guaranteed wind- and watertight.

Eland-Brandt's patio doors are low-maintenance, sustainable, safe, reliable, available custom-made, and they last a long time.

Experience the freedom of Eland-Brandt patio doors!