Aluminium is a genuine source of inspiration for architects! Clean, light and flexible with a wide range of applications. A material with a unique character.


Rollecate and aluminium

A thorough knowledge of application and construction possibilities is the key to the effective use of aluminium. Aluminium requires specialists who know what they are doing.

From windows, doors and curtain walls to climate façades, we are always working on developing new aluminium custom-designed constructions based on a thorough knowledge of the market using our own design and development department, both in our own aluminium profile systems and in other, existing systems. Our years of experience ensure that we will be able to assist our clients with expert advice in any situation. The starting principle, as always, is to find the best way to make ideas a reality.


Sustainability of aluminium

Aluminium is an extremely strong yet extremely light material. It's three times lighter than steel, and is often called the material of the future for good reason. Aluminium insulates and is extremely weather-resistant: the material will not crack, tear, rust or corrode. Unlike wood, aluminium requires little to no maintenance. On top of its relatively long lifespan, the aluminium we use in our products is completely recyclable.