Den Haag

Groot en Klein Houtrust

Groot en Klein Houtrust
Proper Stok Groep
DKV Architecten
Heijmans Woningbouw B.V.
Woningbouw aluminium

Groot en Klein Houtrust is built on a former top sports complex consisting of event halls in Den Haag. The event halls where bands like Golden Earring , the Rolling Stones performed, fell into disrepair and were removed in 2001 to make place for housing, sports and education.

One of the strongest points of this location, is the panorama. This panorama became the starting point for designing this project. The panoramic view makes it quite an exceptional experience to be there.

The facades are made out of glass, so that the sea, harbor and the city become part of the interior. The Rollecate Group supplied the aluminum windows, Eland-Brandt sliding windows and Eland-Brandt sliding doors for this project.


  • The façades are made out of glass
  • Rollecate supplied the aluminium windows
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to clean from the inside
  • Maximal air-water density