Jo Coenen
Dura Vermeer Bouw Hengelo B.V.
Utility construction aluminium

Transparency, cooperation and flexibility are the key words for Stibbe’s new building, on the edge of the Zuidas in Beatrixpark. The design is  bright and open with lots of glass to allow in daylight. The office is 15,000 square meters in size and meets the sustainability requirements of the BREEAM Excellent label.

The building has the shape of an elongated triangle, in which a triangular atrium is the center. Due to this shape, there are three big angles with a panoramic view of the city. The curtain wall has a cold intermediate strip which ensures the warm air of summer between the inner and outer layer of the building will get filtered away to prevent the heating of the spaces within, while in winter the ventilation will be shut off, resulting in the still hot air assisting in heating the building.

On the ground floor and first floor a curtain wall with large windows is installed. On the second floor glazed curtain wall elements with integrated attachments for the vertical blinds are used. Between the curtain wall elements, a colorbel panel is installed in front of the edge of the floor.

The ‘crown’ on the construction is the roof structure with a partially curved curtain wall. Rollecate also supplied the fireproof and soundproof inner window frames.


  • BREEAM Excellent-label
  • Fire- and soundproof facade
  • Curtain wall elements with a cold intermediate strip