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Training centre

In 1997 Rollecate started training young people in façade technology. Before that, this particular field was not taught at the regular regional training centres, which resulted in new employees not having the required knowledge and skills. The program started with only seven students, now it has grown into a full-fledged training centre where about 30 students are taught the ins and outs of the trade.

Incoming students

Besides young people who have completed their pre-vocational secondary education, we also train young people who have dropped out of their programs or who completed a program in a field where they cannot find any work. For the past few years we have also been working intensively with the different regional Social Affairs and Employment departments to offer opportunities to people who have been unemployed. These young people have all signed up for level-2 programs, comparable to the old lower vocation technical schools.


In July 2011, 32 students received a diploma. More than half of the students went on to a job or another program at our training centre, one third found a job with one of the companies in our Group, and the remaining students went on to different things altogether. The majority of graduates end up in manufacturing or assembly, but there are plenty of opportunities for continued professional growth, for example in design, calculation or data management.

Aluminium window
Aluminium window

Level 4

In September 2011 we started a level 4 program in collaboration with Scania and Deltion College, which is comparable to the old technical secondary school. This program is specifically designed to give the most promising students the opportunity to become well-rounded candidates for higher positions.


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