We have been developing and manufacturing uPVC façade components since 1955, so we have a rich tradition of uPVC for both windows and doors. We are the market leader in the field of uPVC façades.

uPVC profiles

We produce profiles from the K-Vision series. This line of profiles was introduced in 2005 and meets the highest standards of sustainability, strength, insulation and safety. The K-Vision line consists of several profile series: Trend, Cube, Step, Classic and City. The extensive selection of profiles and colours allows us to combine efficiency with aesthetics. The K-Vision profiles can be combined with a Renolit film (wood grain structure) in RAL and wood colours and smooth foils or with a coextruded PMMA (acrylic) top layer. In addition to K-vision, Kumij also offers the Cube and AS system.

Zuidlarenstraat, Den Haag
Zuidlarenstraat, Den Haag

Sustainability of uPVC

uPVC offers advantages because of the many types of applications that have to meet specific technical specifications. uPVC window frames involve relatively low production costs because of lower energy usage and CO2 emissions during the production process. The product is resistant to chemicals, water and external influences, so it is virtually maintenance-free. Once it is installed, our uPVC end products have excellent thermal and electrical insulation properties. And let's not forget that it's relatively light-weight, therefore it requires less fuel to transport, for instance.