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Extraordinary material for classic and modern façade structures.


Steel is back in style. This distinctive material, perfect for classic and modern façade structures, is a great challenge for architects.

Tramtunnel, Den Haag
Tramtunnel, Den Haag

Rollecate Group and steel

Steel has been used extensively since the 20s and 30s for various types of windows, doors and façade constructions. Partly due to its stable, sturdy properties, steel is still a great material for older, classic renovation projects and for new, modern façade constructions. It is an application which requires a significant amount of technical knowledge and know-how, and we have been leaders in the field from the beginning. We also manufacture steel specials in plate steel and profile steel.

Our skilled professionals take current, modern quality requirements in consideration in the design, development and implementation. The static value and fire resistance of the material ensure that steel applications meet many safety standards. We rely on a craftsmanlike approach and thorough expertise to assist the client with expert advice at all times and to guarantee optimal quality.

Sustainability of steel

Steel is not always associated with sustainability. Depending on the situation, a steel construction can actually save money during each phase of the life of a building. Steel is 100% recyclable, three times stronger than aluminium, and steel constructions can be combined with the maximum amount of features for break-in and break-out prevention. Not only is steel used in new constructions, systems for thin steel with double-pane windows are being developed for monument renovation projects, as well.

Kruit en Kramer, Groningen
Kruit en Kramer, Groningen

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jun 11, 2019
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