The façade is the face of a building. Aluminium, plastic, steel and glass are tried and true options for façade construction, but the façade industry is continually developing new techniques. Composite façade structures are a new and promising development.

Sustainability of composite

The lightweight composite can be shaped into complex double curvatures or straight lines, pushing the boundaries of design for buildings, interiors and objects. Composite is sustainable and has many advantages.

Composite is a material which offers great freedom in terms of colour and form. On top of that, composite can be used for large structures and modular applications within the materials aluminium, plastic, composite and glass. This material is suitable for insulated and non-insulated applications in load-bearing and non-bearing façade options. Using composite will result in seamless façade components. Composite is a sustainable material. It is strong, light, fully recyclable and low-maintenance. When you select composite for your façade, you are choosing for high quality and sustainability.

Composite pushes the creative boundaries of building design.

LVI, Groningen