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Rollecate Group has a rich history


Rollecate Group started as Rollecate. Rollecate was founded in 1954 and has become a respected name in the façade industry since then. Rollecate started out in 1954 as a manufacturer of steel windows and doors; today, Rollecate Group is a multidivisional company with an international image.

Roelof Roo, Hendrik Zwerus and Hendrik Vonder are the founders of Rollecate. In 1988 Roelof Roo became the sole owner of Rollecate, and in 1990 he passed on the company to his two sons, Johan and Diederik Roo. At that time, the company had to face some hardship due to the collapsing construction industry and had to take other actions to keep the group afloat. But entrepreneurship is in Rollecate's blood, and the acquisition of Alurage in Enschede in 1994 was the first step towards an international company with multiple divisions. The following steps were then taken to become a dynamic, versatile group:

1994 Acquisition Alurage (Rollecate Export) in Enschede
Founding Tengelic, Hungary
1997 Founding Rollecate Opleidingscentrum
2002 Founding GevelBeheer-Nederland
2003 Acquisition Eland-Brandt in Amsterdam
2004 Acquisition Kumij in Groningen
2013 Founding Holland Composites Façades in Staphorst

The timeline above shows the growth of Rollecate Group. The Rollecate Group of today is an international company, still upholding the same foundational principles of craftsmanship and quality.


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jun 11, 2019
Rollecate B.V., opgericht 9 juni 1954 bestaat nu 65 jaar! Met veel plezier en vol enthousiasme gaan wij uiteraard…