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The Central Collection Agency (CJIB in Dutch ) stands proudly at the corner of the Tesselschadestraat in Leeuwarden. An iconic building with a unique curtain wall . The curved glass panels that form the shell of the building, give the CJIB building a special appearance.

Rollecate, in conjunction with FlexGlass, played a key role in the realization of this project. For the complete façade, there are more than 1,600 curved panels supplied and fitted, ranging between 2.30 and 4.10 meters in length . Each panel has the same 'tight' radius of 340 mm . The radius of the panels was a true challenge for the producer. The engineering and delivery of the glass is provided by FlexGlass , Rollecate manufactured and assembled the entire curtain wall.

Besides the façade Rollecate-FlexGlass has delivered the 16 meter high atrium. CJIB Leeuwarden is a fine example of the knowledge and expertise available within the group Rollecate.


  • Klepramen, inbraakwerend klasse 2, geplaatst in de beglazing van de vliesgevel
  • Aluminium platen met afgeronde hoeken achter de klepramen geplaatst om gewenste uitstraling te krijgen
  • Deklijsten als pictureframe uitgevoerd
  • Glazenwassers balkon
  • Speciale kleurstelling
  • Atrium (FlexGlass)

Parties involved

ExecutionRollecate en FlexGlass
ClientRijksgebouwendienst Groningen
Architect Claus en Kaan Architecten
ContractorBouwcombinatie FBK VOF
Type Utiliteitsbouw aluminium en glas

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jun 11, 2019
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