Property managers

Property managers

Have you analysed the return on your current property? Would you be interested in finding out how you can increase that return? Our service, consultation and maintenance division GevelBeheer-Nederland is available to offer insight and increase the value o

GevelBeheer Nederland specializes in the revitalization and upgrading of existing buildings. Once the entire façade has been analysed by means of a baseline measurement, GevelBeheer Nederland can prepare a long-term maintenance plan (LTMP). A LTMP can increase the energy level and user comfort, resulting in an increase of your property value. The services of GevelBeheer Nederland can be divided into three categories: service, consultation and maintenance.

We offer services to ensure the functionality and operation of different façade components. A few examples are: repairing or replacing hinges and locks, oiling and fixing rotating parts, installing or replacing flexible joints and replacing window panes. Of course circumstances may require an immediate response to take care of damage. We have technicians on call in case of emergencies anywhere in the Netherlands.

GevelAdvies is used for consultations. GevelAdvies specializes in all types of façades and is qualified to give expert advice regardless of the material or the question. Our consultation service can be divided into five key areas: 1. Baseline measurement (inventory) 2. Sustainability advice (extension of economic life) 3. Domotics (integration of technology) 4. Maintenance advice (extension of technical life) 5. Quality advice (mobile testing and inspection).

Prevention is better than remedy


Preventive maintenance of different façade components is a technically and economically-responsible way to promote the sustainability of your property. Regular maintenance is important to maintain coverage by the supplier's warranty. We can take care of the regular maintenance for you, in accordance with the applicable warranty terms and conditions.