Housing associations

Sustainable ambitions for home, work, life and growth. As a housing association or a homeowners association you are a social player with specific objectives and ambitions. We are able to put ourselves in your shoes and would be happy to help you look at sustainable solutions. Lower exploitation costs and lower investment costs are our starting principles for obtaining better returns from your current and future properties.

Product line and approach

We manufacture sustainable façades and façade components made of aluminium, steel, uPVC, glass and composite. The client and the residents are at the centre of all residential construction projects, whether it involves new construction, renovation or maintenance. Our service package includes more than just window frame manufacturing and assembly. We are available for assistance with planning, detailing and budgeting from the time the first cost estimates are presented for a project. For renovation projects we offer additional support with regard to dimensional characteristics and keeping residents informed. A project is always assigned to a dedicated project team, which functions as the point of contact throughout the project.


We value nature and corporate social responsibility. Our sustainability policy is expressed in our use of sustainable materials and production methods, among other things. We are always looking for ways to make our process more sustainable. Our years of experience enable us to advise you on ways to make your projects more sustainable.

The Rollecate Group has a special consultation division which specializes in the upgrading and revitalization of existing buildings. We take a baseline measurement to analyse the existing façade. Based on this baseline measurement we can work together with you to create an action plan for making your property sustainable and extending its economic life.

Service & Maintenance

Through GevelBeheer-Nederland we remain involved in a project even after delivery. A complete trajectory which concludes with proper after-sales assistance based on expert advice.