As a professional in the contracting business you are always on the lookout for attractive price-quality ratios and for a partner who will go the extra mile. As a façade manufacturer we will go that extra mile for you.

Our mission is to strengthen our leading position in the façade market by healthy means. We want to accomplish this by focusing on four key areas: product line, project organisation, reliability and corporate social responsibility. Those four key areas demonstrate the added value we offer.

Added value

We develop, produce and assemble facades and cladding of aluminum, steel, uPVC, composite and glass. One contact for all your questions!

Product line

We offer façades and façade components in all possible shapes. The Rollecate Group is comprised of aluminium, steel, uPVC, glass and composite divisions, in addition to that we offer support in every area. We can also handle entire projects should a client require that service, from the consultation and design stage all the way to service and maintenance.


Our project organisations are made up of sales and implementation. The following is a brief explanation of the way we organise projects.

All requests are verified, dated and coded on arrival by the internal sales department. Once the request is assessed, the relevant account manager is called in and he or she forms a project team with the help of the project office and the calculation department. During the sales phase, the commercial director is responsible until the signing of the contract.
When a client approves a project, the sales department remains responsible for the work until the final decision has been made with regard to system selection. At that point the internal responsibility is transferred to the relevant project manager.

The project is carried out under the leadership of the project manager, who is responsible for the engineering, manufacturing and assembly of this project, i.e. until the time of delivery. The project manager reports to the project director, who has the final responsibility.


We have a long history of hard work and reliable business practices. We take great care to ensure continuity by turning potential problems into opportunities and by taking decisive action.

Corporate social responsibility

Like you, we value corporate social responsibility. We are qualified to advise you about project sustainability. Our corporate social responsibility is expressed in our use of sustainable materials and production methods, among other things. We also invest in the development of individual employees through the Rollecate Training Centre and the Rollecate Academy.